• What is the M&A Academy?

    The M&A Academy is comprised of a collection of M&A subject matter experts, practitioners, and professionals in higher education that are dedicated to solving some of M&A’s greatest challenges for acquirers and sellers. Watermark Advisors, Global PMI Partners, and Clemson University’s Center for Corporate Learning are the founding partners.

  • What is unique about the M&A Academy lessons & courses?

    The M&A Academy lessons & courses will take a deep dive in select topics of M&A that cause the greatest challenges for both buyers and sellers to help companies reach better outcomes. It will not be a broad brush in how M&A is done, rather we will selectively choose certain topics in M&A that we believe create the greatest challenges to achieving optimal outcomes. Through subject matter experts, practitioners in the marketplace, we will teach best practices in those particular areas.

  • What courses besides integration will be offered?

    Currently we are planning lessons & courses on cultural due diligence, valuation, best practices in M&A strategy, and other processes in preparing for a transaction. Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • If I purchase a course, what am I actually purchasing?

    You will be purchasing a license for six months for one person to access the content of the course. Additionally, we offer special corporate discounts if you’d like to purchase multiple licenses for team members. Reach out to Hagen Rogers to discuss further at 864-527-5960.

  • How much is a course?

    You can purchase a single course for $1,500 per person, which allows you to access the course for a six-month period. For example, you can purchase integration planning for $1,500 or integration execution for $1,500 or you can combine the two and get the entire integration courses & lessons for $2,500.

  • How can I have specific questions answered as they arise as I am going through the course?

    You can submit your questions at any time to Hagen Rogers at hrogers@watermarkadvisors.com or by phone at 864-527-5960. We also plan for semi-annual events like webinars and live conferences to bring together the M&A Academy community to discuss the topics relating to the courses and best practices for M&A. Stay tuned for more details related to this.